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Fast Visual Brute Force Password Cracker
18mm (10)

This program was coded with two things in mind: visual representation and representation of speed. It was coded in C using every trick I could think of to shrink the footprint of the algorithm to a minimum. So, it should be nearly as fast as a BFPC can possibly be (without changing what characters to check for based on your input.) Running this program on my computer gave about 100,000,000 attempts per second in fast mode.

There are three modes:
//Graphic mode// prints out the password attempts as it works so you can see exactly what the BFPC method looks like.
//Fast mode// prints out only the number of attempts tried in large numbers, as well as the current attempt string.
//Fastest mode// prints out nothing during execution, doesn't keep track of the number of attempts, and only prints out clock cycles at the end. It's not much to look at while working, but you can see what a repl-based BFPC is truly capable of.

Parchin (7)

8 characters long password. Only letters. I put them 7 minutes ago, and fastest mode is still cracking!

Parchin (7)

@Parchin 10 minutes and still cracking...

Parchin (7)

@Parchin That means, you have done really good work. Congratulations! And I'll give it a heart!


This is a very efficient and nice bruteforce password checker. Keep u the good work!

hg0428 (194)

-1 passwords checked?

18mm (10)

@hg0428 The fastest version doesn't count how many passwords it has checked.