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Fast Brute Force Password Cracker
PYer (4009)

A fast brute force password cracker I created.

I took some of @CyanCoding 's code to check if it includes symbols, >nums, exc.

Please upvote and comment bugs!

CyanCoding (2180)

Nice job! I love the feature that shows what password it is on. It's too bad it's a little laggy (which makes sense being a remote console and all). I've made features like this before (I've made four different brute force password crackers in total), but printing to the console or even just counting how many attempts there has been can slow down your program by a lot.

Also, I kind of feel like a hypocrite for saying this because I didn't used to do this either (I've finally gotten into the habit), but you should try to use comments to explain your code as much as you can. I don't use Python anymore and when I look at my programs I have no idea how each component works! 😂

DrSlice (1)

What is this used for? I am trying to make something that you can take info on a person and then have it make all possible passwords for that person.

CarstenEggers (0)
def splitchar(string):
  split = []
  for char in string:
  return split

is equal to

def splitchar(string):
  return list(string)

now even shorter variant