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Frontend developer needed!!!

Do you think you have the skills to be part of my team?

Clcik on this link to find out


I'm working on a website and trying to do everything by myself.

Turns out I suck at css

Bevause of that I need a frontend developer to help me develop an app. If you instaed of taking the quiz to figure out if you're eligible post your answers in the comments.

1. What is your username on

2. What is your email?

3. Provide a link to your best project

4. On a scale from 1 - 100 how would you rate yourself at modern css design?

5. Do you know css animations?

6. How good are you at positioning elemnts?

7. On a scale from 1 - 100 how would you rate yourself at responsive design?

8. On a scale for 1 - 100 how would you rate yourself at Javascript?

Thanks for taking the time submit your answers

About the website

My goal:

Make a fully functional Social Media app

All pages

  • Login Page
  • Signup Page
  • Home Page
  • Profile Page
  • Post page
  • And many more

    I can't think of anymore...

  1. @cutech
  2. [email protected]
  3. password for bookmarklets: questionable games:slotpite
  4. 70
  5. Ish, I am learning
  6. Very Good
  7. 80
  8. 70
    I hope you choose me. I'm really good at looking things up too! lol

I think you've found the right guy. I'm a fullstack developer that can code moderately well in HTML, CSS, Javscript, and Flask.

  1. My username on is LeviathanCoding
  2. head over to my website and find out in the contact section.
  3. My best project is codeCrystals
  4. Probably a 67
  5. Yes, very well.
  6. I am pretty skilled in positioning elements. I'll say I'm between the line of Professional and Good.
  7. 97%. I am extremely skilled at making responsive sites.
  8. 70%. I am the founder of DreamForgerJS. I used a lot of advanced algorithms in there. Aside from Javscript Promises and some other stuff, I'm a good guy. I'm not skilled in React very much and also, I'm bad at coding AJAX requests.

I think I'll start making it in about two weeks with you because I'm making another project now: an image sharing site like unsplash.


@LeviathanCoding Your profile is looking very good, I do want to accept you but you said,

in about two weeks

I'm not a company that can wait, if another person applies I will put him over you because I cannot wait. But if nobody else applies the job is all yours... But maybe I can help with your image sharing website...


@LeviathanCoding By the way, I'm very impressed by your profile... On your coding website CodeCrystal how did you get the coding suggestions just asking...


@proryan , thanks. What do you mean coding suggestions?


@proryan , the image sharing website will be a solo project. I'll get to you as fast as I can.


@LeviathanCoding What I mean by coding suggestions it had like a auto complete for the html. How did you do that?


@LeviathanCoding Oh, ok

~Totally not hurt in the inside~


@proryan , it was already built in. Emmet & autocomplete engines.


@proryan , I used ace editors to do that. I hope switches and uses ace. Ace Editors are so awesome.


@LeviathanCoding Sad news

I'm not looking for anyone anymore. You can't join :( My friend said they would help.


@proryan , no problem. I have plenty of other work to do.