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mynameisnicolau (11)

Hello! I'm a new programmer, in this game you just need to click on WASD and, please op vote :)

ThanhTails (32)

nice! it looks like a friday night funkin.

JBloves27 (1884)

Please fix your language, otherwise this project will probably be removed, unlisted, or locked.

Thank you in advance!

DynamicSquid (4916)

I've edited your title as it was a little inappropriate

mynameisnicolau (11)

my english is bad, sorry, didn’t know the title was [email protected]

GhostKing007 (139)

@DynamicSquid - I believe the title was actually meant to be Friday Night Funkin' , like the game of the same name. I think op probably just made a typo.

RicardoBrandau (1)

why friday night "FUKIN" kinda sus

mynameisnicolau (11)

it's a parody I made of a game called 'friday night funkin',@RicardoBrandau

RicardoBrandau (1)

@mynameisnicolau - yeah ik The title typo tho was funny, nice to see you fixed it, also love the game. Good Job!