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FOXY FreeChat: Online chatroom!
jeweledfox (26)

Welcome to FOXY FreeChat! It's a project that I started a few months ago, but I didn't know how to make the server-sided code. But now I do, so I finally made it!

What is FOXY FreeChat?

As its name suggests, FOXY FreeChat is an online chatroom app. Originally, it was called FoxyChat, which is its current namesake. Basically, it's a real-time chatroom that anyone can use! Just enter your name and start chatting!

What is it made from?

It was made with Node.js, using the module. And yes, the base code is from a tutorial, but I added a lot of stuff!


I will continuously update the site until it gets out of Beta. Some features that hopefully will be added (No promises!):

  • Profile pictures (That's what the blue squares are for).
  • IP ban and moderation system
  • Sending GIFs and images


5/15/21 [v1.0.0]: Added profile pictures! WE ARE OUT OF BETA! WOO!
5/15/21 [v1.1.0]: Minor design updates and bug fixes.
5/18/21 [v1.2.0]: Added a notification system, so you won't miss a message! You can turn it off with a button.
5/18/21 [v1.2.1]: Minor bug fixes, added a button that clears all the messages on your screen. Use it if things get too laggy.
5/18/21 [v1.2.2]: Added anti-spam function. Don't chat too much or you will have to wait a few seconds.

Use it now!