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🎶🎵 FEEL THE MUSIC 🎶🎵 (version 2)
lsambrook (223)

Hey guys !

I present you my Feel the music website, I made it all by myself using a template that I modified. Please upvote if you like it.

FOR NOW It tells you about music in general and what I like the most in music.

It is the Beta version of the full website, I already have some good ideas of what I will be making, what type of pages I will make. New stuff will come out everyday so stay on alert.

If you have any suggestion or ideas for me to improve my website please tell me everything you are thinking of.

New page : About groups, go and check it out.

I hope you will enjoy it and thanks for reading ;)

AlexShedina (5)

This is pretty good right now cant wait to see the Coming Up's!

lsambrook (223)

@AlexShedina There is going to be a new "coming up" changing every day i hope. It took me 15 hours to make the main page and i started to make it when the challenge opened up because I didn't know the theme. ( Don't forget to upvote if you liked it )

hahahoohoo (5)

I've wanted to make my own websites for a while, but none looked as nice as this. I like how the dividers between the buttons at the top look 3D.

ebest (672)

"he says that he can't come bcvause he is to lazy and tired." (lsambrook) To lazyy too spelll rightt? Also, "Copyright - lsambrook" should be "Copyright 2019 - lsambrook"

lsambrook (223)

@ebest Mistakes can be made, especially by someone who doesn't speak English. Is it so important to you to put 2019 next to copyright ? I guess so