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Exposed but I added rankings
ZarmDev (48)

Exposed is a news repl to "expose" secerts about the government and just for news.
This time around I added a ranking system, just make an array ex: ['Most happy country's', '1. Finland', '2. Sweden'] and it renders everything, here is an example:

So yeah, it distributes the progress values based on the amount of values and you can click on a arrow to make the dropdown collapse, this took LOTS of brain power :)

It's also responsive so you can try changing the screen.

It even works on phones, I plan to add more stuff.

Actually I'm happy this only took 3 days to make :)

ThanhTails (32)

how a wonderful app(maybe is a app)

ZarmDev (48)

@ThanhTails Thanks! Not a app though, just a site

DynamicSquid (4918)

Ooh, nice ranking design!

ZarmDev (48)

@DynamicSquid Thanks, do you know how to use JS librarys? I use npm and installed chart.js but it said chart is not defined meaning it's just not working