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Experiment 44 - a text-based RPG
XanderEhlert (152)

14 Days of Quarantine...

Upvote for part 2!

Developer Notes: This is my first Repl! (But definitely not my first python program)
Special thanks to @Japoll246 for making this with me.

Please tell us all of what we can do to improve the game! (coding or storyline would be great!)

This game is still being developed, so if any errors arrive, please tell us. All feedback is welcomed!

Currently about 3800 lines of code.

(Also, check out @Japoll246 's 007 game here:

BlueComet (116)

Wow I amazed This is one of the best RPG Iv'e ever seen I'm
(I hadn't even finished playing this before upvoting)
like 99% sure this will on trending
(This is before it is trending comment and upvote if it actually is trending )

brasilchicken10 (3)

Got to espionage building part then it just kept saying where do you want to go over and over again.

XanderEhlert (152)

@brasilchicken10 where did you try to go/what did you type?

Additionally, after which mission?

brasilchicken10 (3)

@XanderEhlert I typed phone then espionage building and it was after when you get the directions to the espionage building from the front desk person.

xrksvi (3)

lol 44 is my lucky number

FlaminHotValdez (450)

Ran into a weird thing when I tried to call somebody. I couldn't do anything and it wouldn't let me cancel

XanderEhlert (152)

@maxyang yeah sry we havent done much with the phone yet

mostly just navigate and missions have been done

PXY (40)

This is a fantastic game! Definitely has a lot of moving parts to it, and impresses me greatly. There are a few errors as mentioned below, but I'm confident they'll be looked into some day.