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Evolution Algorithm For Ciphers
ThomasS1 (69)

Evolution Algorithm that will Solve almost any Cipher!

This is a joint project between me and a friend, @cv88. We've set it up to solve playfair ciphers, but if you want to make it work for other types of cipher, you just need to write a bit of code specific to that cipher, and you're ready to go! For further instructions, see the 1nstructions.txt file inside the USER folder. Find that and run it here:

Hope you enjoy using it! Please comment/ping me and @cv88 if you get it to work for any other ciphers!

Oh, and, please leave a like!

@ThomasS and @cv88

ZZach (2)

Where is "J"?

ThomasS1 (69)

@ZZach In the playfair cipher, the letters I and J are considered one character (I), so that a 5x5 grid can be made out of the alphabet. A good explanation of the Playfair cipher can be found here:

PS: sometimes different characters are merged, e.g. all letter Zs replaced by Xs.

ZZach (2)

@ThomasS1 Oh, I didn't know it was only for the playfair cipher. Thanks

joshuakeogde (0)

:/ how do you use this? seems broken.

ThomasS1 (69)

@joshuakeogde Hmm, what's the problem? Make sure you've read USER/1nstructions.txt before using. If it's just stopping and not seeming to do anything, that's probably just because it's doing so many thousands of calculations that it does, inevitably, take a long time. If there's actually a syntax error coming out, please send me more details!

cv88 (0)

@joshuakeogde the instructions are in the /USER folder