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Evil Gmail Spam Bot!

Gmail Spam Bot

Warning!!! I am NOT responsible for anyone else's actions when using this bot! Even if you haven't read this, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE. With that being said, please use responsibly.

How to use!

Step Zero(optional): Fork the repl to change the message you send in the code.

Step One: When you start the program, you will 1st have to go to the link to change a certain option in your Gmail account that will allow for the bot to login as you and send the email to who you choose.

Step Two: Type In your Gmail's email address, your victim's email, then your password.

Step Three: Enjoy the havoc you will release on your enemies!

Step Four(optional): Upvote maybe? You can if you want, but no pressure. I just thought this would be a funny prank!


To test to see if it works you can type in your email for both the sender and receiver.
I followed a tutorial at the URL below to learn how to do this, then I made some of my own changes. So partial credit is due to those who made the tutorial.