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Escape The Pit: A Collaboration Game
AstrumDeorum (142)

Escape the Pit is a Game collaboration between me and @alekzg1
It's a Short Dungeon Crawler, with Puzzles and Enemies in every room.
Kill enemies with your bow and (currently unusable) sword, solve puzzles, and beat the boss at the end of the game.
When you reach the final room, you've won.

Comment if you have any feedback or bug reports
We will not be accepting enemy ideas or puzzle ideas, due to the short nature of the game and small size of the rooms, overcrowding making the game very hard is a real issue.

Play it here:


cuber1515 (57)

Cool! It's like an old Zelda game

alekzg1 (2)

@cuber1515 that's the idea behind it, actually

ThanhTails (32)

No way! I can't believe this!
But how to retry?