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Three Ways
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Hello !
This is my three ways game. You can move the ball with k, l, and m or arrows. Press enter to play and retry. It's better to play in a new tab. I hope you will enjoy it.
I'm still working on it, so it's not finished. I will add a system to change the size of the game on the screen, change the menu screen, and add a config to move with the arrows. You can tell me if you find bugs or things to improve.
If the screen is oversized, you can go to this link :
You enjoyed the game ? Don't forget to upvote !
Now available : gold rush ! Go on the paddle to earn gold !
Have fun !
(Sorry for my bad English, this game comes from France ;)

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Hello again I need your help with this code

print ("******Welcome to *****")

asking whether they would like to sign up or already a user

alreadymember=input("Are you a member?:").lower()

while True:
if alreadymember=="Yes" or alreadymember=="YES" or alreadymember=="yes" or alreadymember=="y" or alreadymember=="Y":
print("Welcome, Please login")

elif alreadymember=="No" or alreadymember=="NO" or alreadymember=="no" or alreadymember=="n" or alreadymember=="N":
signup=input("Would you like to signup?:").lower().upper()

member=input("Enter your user name:").strip().title()

if member in memberlist:
print("Welcome", (member))

print ("member not found")

signup=input("Would you like to signup?:").lower().upper()

if signup=="yes"or signup=="YES" or signup=="yes" or signup=="y" or signup=="Y":
print("Kindly fill out the following form")

First_name=input("Enter Your first name:") Second_name=input("Enter Your last name:") Age=int(input("Enter Your age:")) Occupation=("What is your occupation:") Username=input("Enter your username:") memberlist.append(First_name) print("Welcome to the Team",(First_name))

elif signup=="No"or signup=="NO" or signup=="no" or signup=="N" or signup=="n":

print("Enjoy browsing, Hope you change your mind and join our team")


there are a few problems with it they are as follows

when I say I don't want to signup it shows "enter your username" where as I want it to say "Enjoy browsing, Hope you change your mind and join our team" (as I have mentioned at the end of the print)

It doesn't add the name in the list. I have given the command to print the name once added in the list, but when I enter the name again (in the same process) it says member not found. e.g. if i say i want to sign up and fill the form with the name nancy etc it shows the name nancy and it asks again enter your user name when I enter the name nancy again it says member not found.

I will appreciate your help, I have been wracking my brains on it for about a week now

Thank you in advance :)