ReplitDBManager for Java V 1.1 || New Features + A tester

ReplitDBManager V 1.1

ReplitDBManager is a client for replers to use to easily manage the Database in their java repl project.

This was created by @EpicGamer007

(I used to be @AbhayBhat)

To learn how to use this simple manager here.

The new features added for the 1.1 update was:

A new method: void printInfo() - prints a ink to where user can get more information

A change in code: The constructor is not copied for both. Instead, the no-arg constructor has this(System.getenv("REPLIT_DB_MANAGER"));

A tester: Test the ReplitDbManager directly in the attached repl.

Important change: The class is now called ReplitDBManager, NOT ReplDBManager like previously.

Known bugs/errors: The HashMap from the method getAll() will always have at least one value and that is "":"" and it is not removable. If anyone has any suggestions on fixing this, please let me know.

The attched repl is a tester for this client. Open the database tab on the left side. Watch as it updates in real time! If there are any bugs or errors, please let me know in the comments. Thank you.

Enjoy and happy Coding! ;)

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