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English to Bri'ish translator
JonahGress (2)

(I have nothing against British people, this is a joke based on the "I'm Briish cuz da schewpid Americans" meme)

Translates plain English to Bri'ish.

Brandid (0)

It's a funny joke. By the way I started to learn English step by step and it's a bit difficult for me but I ended up having pretty good results and I'm proud of myself. I started by using different sites where I found for example irregular verbs worksheet and I learned them myself. Such a site helped me a lot because I watch them every day and learn new words and grammar rules. Thanks to them, I started to speak fluent English. In addition, I am beginning to understand grammar better and better.

TsunamiOrSumth (545)

`ello, gov'nah! Im 'sunami, nice 'o mee' you, innit