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Encyclopedia On Earth
TigerGirl (4)

Encyclopedia on Earth tells us about the 4 different groups of life in this world!

Bookie0 (6359)

Cool start! What about adding more styles? For example, you can add a favicon (little image on tab), change the title of the tab (in the <title></title> tags), add a background color, change the size of images (as they're a bit blurry), give them some border radius perhaps, etc.

Make sure to add a back button when you click on one of the different groups, and you should style the links too! :)

Good luck! :D

WilliamXing (52)

Some of this information is wrong. Ocean Animals and humans are not animal types. There are actually lots, and the main ones are Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Fishes

TigerGirl (4)

Really?! That's a cool fact maybe you could give me some tips? @WilliamXing

WilliamXing (52)

Well, you could do some research on different kinds of reliable websites, and also add some CSS. You can learn lots of CSS and w3schools @TigerGirl

TigerGirl (4)

@isaiah08 Sorry, I am a beginner!

TigerGirl (4)

Are you a pro coder?
And if you are maybe you could give me some [email protected]

isaiah08 (86)

Haha, I'm an intermediate coder in python. I know enough html to survive, and I use other people's CSS. I really like water.css: @TigerGirl

DynamicSquid (5016)

Nice! But I'm a little confused where are the squid? We're clearly the dominant ocean animal