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You can encode or decode strings with unique key with this.

How to use

It will ask you for mode. If you want to encode type in 1 or if you want to decode type in 2. Then it will ask for key, type in key. More about keys will be in later section. Then type in the string to en\de code.

Keys and how it works

The keys are just like a secret for encoding and decoding.
In this program:

  • 1 is hex
  • 2 is base-64
  • 3 is utf-16le

Your keys can be as long as you want (maybe like this: 123321123321).
The encoder will go step by step encoding the string and decoder will decode step by step.
What I mean is, if the key is 12, the encoder encode the string into hex form first. And make the hex form like utf-8 and then that hex from utf-8 will be decoded to base-64 and make that form to utf-8 again.

Better explanation:
Let's say the string to encode is Hello.
So the program encode it into hex, 6dnw5hs6s <- hex doesn't look like that, just an example.
Then the string 6dnw5hs6s will be told to the compiler as utf-8 string and encode it into base-64, 6d5n4f7w2t5d8w7q <- base-64 doesn't look like that too, just an example.
So that when you decode it into utf-8 form the result will be 6dnw5hs6s, where it is difficult to decode.

Hope you enjoy this!

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