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Employee List GUI with tkinter

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Hello everyone! I just made my first GUI using tkinter. So what this GUI actually does is that:

  1. Save - Saves the information that you input to a text file.
  2. Search - Searches for a number that you saved and outputs the information.
  3. Delete - Deletes the information by the number you entered.
  4. New - Generates a new number for another employee.

The output is a bit buggy here on so I suggest running the code on your main IDE/text editor.

I would love to hear your suggestion/feedback about this one as it is my first time creating a GUI, especially about my code, I've seen examples of others using tk and their structure is very different than mine, like they have lots of classes and stuff. To be honest, I dont even know if I used the self and class on this one. Hahahaha

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