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Egua Language - A programming language in portuguese

Egua Language - A general-purpose programming language in portuguese

To be part of the technology world you need to know how to speak english, but in Brazil this isn't a easy job to do, as a research shows that only 5% of our population has english fluency. In this way, we've created a general-purpose programming language entirely in portuguese to help people tha want to learn code. This programming language also supports object-oriented programming and works entirely on web, that's possible because we use JavaScript with browserify, and with this feature we can guarantee that all new developers won't have any dificults to start coding with our language, just like start to develop with :) Oh, we also support the language interpreter with a CLI, you can simply use NPM to download, using the command line: $ npm i -g egua

The team of development:

Our team link:

To use our language is really simple, we build two diferrents ways, the first is to use with a integrated IDE, that we named IDEgua: or

The second way is as a command line: or

To see our language in action you can access our IDEgua and click in Exemplos on letf-top-side and choose any example and finally click in Executar on right-top-side. Or you can use the code below:

We use the example above in english, but if you would like see in portuguese:

Our command line is different, we don't have examples inside, but you can use the same code above, just see it:

In the Exemplos list on IDEgua you can see that our language supports:

  • Repeating loops
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Dictionaries
  • Math library - as you can use var math = importar("eguamat"); escreva(math.pi); to show pi
  • Data sctructures as dictionary
  • Dinamic typed variables

You can see our source code HERE


Wow, this is a very unique programming language.


We also have a full documentation in portuguese, check it:


I think this might win


Parabéns! Io gosto disso. Nós também temos um lenguage semelhante, Lassi. Possivelmente podemos trabalhar juntos? :)


@julienmalard Claro que podemos, há diversos projetos que desejamos fazer e nosso código todo é aberto. Olha aqui as redes sociais e grupos de telegram/whatsapp e chama a gente


Programming languages in other languages aren't that common. There are only English ones. Good job!




Dictionaries define a Portuguese word as any word having two meanings, one distinct from the other. While this definition may provide some insight into the nature of our word's significance, it is hopelessly simplistic. A dictionary definition cannot determine whether an act was right or wrong, good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate. The words in a dictionary may define a particular genre of literature or show one writer's expertise in the field. I purchased a great dictionary from


We also have a GitHub
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