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LucasPB710 (1)

HOW TO USE (For the jam)

You can create a file with any extension that you want, you can find sample files in the folders Arquivos, or in Arquivos/Windows, you will find some .epp or .edl files, if you want to know what each command does: commands (is on github:

after you create the ednaldo++ file, you can click in the RUN button, will ask for a file name, so you put the name or path to the file you just created

one important thing in Ednaldo++ is the spaces, if you type Ed:Myvar the program will not understand, but if you type Ed: MyVar, the program will run fine

Who is the sister Ednaldo Pereira and what is Ednaldo++ (or ednaldoPP)

Ednaldo pereira is a brazilian singer, he is often associated with some memes.

This ""Programing language"" is based on his speechs and lyrics. I really didn't put much effort into it, so yes, we have many bugs and other things. In fact, this PL was not meant to be a part of the jam, so you can just ignore this, and have a good day testing new PLs.

the sister is a reference to his song "Who is the sister"

TheDrone7 (1777)

Hello there! The jam required you to work as a team of at least two members and submit a team repl, however you seem to have submitted a personal repl and mentioned no teammates in the post description.

Could you please edit the post to include that information? Thank you

LucasPB710 (1)

@TheDrone7 oh, sorry, my team its just me, i'm sorry,i forgot i needed to have a team with more than one person.