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EasyMeet - A video conferencing app I made!
ruiwenge2 (1135)


  • Chat Box
  • Private Messaging
  • Inviting

... and more!
You can see a guide on how to use this in the file, or go to To start, sign up!

Even though your video and audio are off by default, you have to give access to your video and microphone to join. To see someone's name in the meet, hover your cursor over their video.

Note: To create an account, you must open the website in a new tab.


  • @Bookie0 for recommending that I use black for the nav bar
  • @Coder100 for helping me with JavaScript promises
  • @codingjlu for helping me show users' names on top of their videos
  • A tutorial that I found

Click here to go to the GitHub repo.

I hope you like it!

ruiwenge2 (1135)

yay! its on trending!

YashwanthP (4)

WOW! Good job ruiwenge2 ! Let's get this to 1000 Upvotes!

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@YashwanthP thanks! But I don’t think that’s gonna happen lol

YashwanthP (4)

@ruiwenge2 But it should, because this is actually really good!

JWZ6 (713)

@YashwanthP hey man, just saying the original design is here:

@ruiwenge2 u gave credit, so gud :)

YashwanthP (4)

@JWZ6 oh wowww, I did not check the credits correctly. But still good job.

JWZ6 (713)

@YashwanthP yeah ruiwenge did a gud job

SilvermoonCat (458)

Cool! Although Ithink the css could be a bit better :)

ruiwenge2 (1135)

thanks! also how can i make the css better? @SilvermoonCat

SilvermoonCat (458)

@ruiwenge2 I’m on iPad so first I think you should implement some fonts that ipad can use? and i would add a bit of ‘padding’ since some things are kind of squished. and personally the nav bar color and teh bg color are both dark and don’t fit together that well (I dont know what color tho lmao)

CyberHacker101 (136)

oh noe i am exposed akjdjwajwlajdkljwoi @tussiez @ruiwenge2

CyberHacker101 (136)

only true node js coders will understand xDD @ruiwenge2

CyberHacker101 (136)

you still dont get it do you? @ruiwenge2

tussiez (1676)

@CyberHacker101 I was beat! Well.. my version of this was peer.js based

CyberHacker101 (136)

ig u gotta make zoom/discord remix web

id like to see how that goes xDDDD @tussiez

JWZ6 (713)

Nice, I know it's not completely urs tho.

Still pog

btw, can i help with the CSS?

codingjlu (481)

@JWZ6 lol the CSS could use a little help. I think they made their own frontend template to use for all their projects.

JWZ6 (713)

Yes can someone invite me. @codingjlu

GameDev46 (49)

Amazing! (Going to take a look at the to see how it works!)

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@GameDev46 thanks! its pretty easy, you can also look at my chat project at

that might be easier for you to see

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@GameDev46 wait what happened to chit chat?

GameDev46 (49)

@ruiwenge2 I am planning to make a new post when Chit Chat is actually ready and secure! That way more people will stay using it and people won’t be able to hack the site.

GameDev46 (49)

@ruiwenge2 Also if I made the new post with the old post still out people could accuse me of wanting more cycles…

codingjlu (481)

@GameDev46 would you like me to help you (make it secure)? Confession: I was nbbcsf and the primary hacker of your site. Sorry. Your project was really cool!

GameDev46 (49)

@codingjlu Don’t worry! I should have made it harder to hack and you actually ended up showing me a lot of things that are getting fixed!

codingjlu (481)

@GameDev46 Ok! Do you need help? I think the implementation really matters; I wouldn't recommend separating the server from the frontend (in a different repl). You won't be able to do real auth that way.

I definitely wouldn't use localStorage or sessionStorage for the auth or check if the user is logged in on client side; anything on the client side is hackable and changeable.

Yoplayer1py (7)

@codingjlu how you hacked it? Burp I guess?

Infiniti20 (29)

@GameDev46 its a tool, and @Yoplayer1py, no you didn't need it. It was just a matter of editing some code on the client, tracking requests using DevTools, and a few characters here and there.

Infiniti20 (29)

@codingjlu Yep, should definitely have all of it in the same repl. HTTP only cookies would work great for authentication for an app like this. I'd also remake it with for realtime updates with redis.

Yoplayer1py (7)

@Infiniti20 ???? the source code is available so why you need to hack it. and I didn't understood anything you told. lol

Infiniti20 (29)

@Yoplayer1py LOL. Most of the "hacking" is done using Chrome DevTools, which you can use using Ctrl-J. It allows you to view all the requests to a server a website is making, and edit and view code.

GameDev46 (49)

@ruiwenge2 Already got it working XD

Thanks for the help with the code though (looked in your chatting app)

DillonB07 (25)

Great project! By the way, you might want to fix the signup link markdown in this post!

ruiwenge2 (1135)

ok lemme do that
thanks! @DillonB07

VulcanWM (2898)

Why are u stalking me-? @huhelena8

VulcanWM (2898)

wait so ur admitting that u are-? @huhelena8

huhelena8 (17)

na since this was on trending i checked it out and yeah i was scrolling through comments and saw yours. otherwise i admit im stalking you @VulcanWM

wyatt400 (1)

You. Are. A. God. First the CodingIsEasy, and then this? Wow!

Screen sharing

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@wyatt400 actually it’s CodingIsCool, but thanks!

GhostedNotFound (2)

"I don't think it's gonna get to 1000 upvotes lol"
Are you sure about that? :)

SupermaxBrightn (2)

Can you add a share screen option and a virtual background option as well ? It would be more cool but still it's great.

QuickV (114)

wish I knew node.js lol.

JWZ6 (713)

I can help with the CSS can someone invite me?

SudhanshuMishra (250)

cant upvote :(

but its great

RahulChoubey1 (184)

Is this compatible with Chrome PWA?


Review: 3/5

Scoring system:

2 - Style
2 - Functionality
1 - Effort & Uniqueness

Style: 1/2
The style is a bit visually pleasing, with the color schemes matching well with each other. However, some text may need improvement, and the navigation bar options should be further spaced out. The problem I have with the text is that often it almost collides with text/images. It has a weird feel to it, yet the color scheme and simplicity deserves a point.

Functionality: 1/2
I was not able to test out the features, since the program says I am a bot(I'm pretty sure it's because I use Microsoft Edge), so I was not able to sign up. I'll take a point away because I read a few comments and others have the same problem too, yet I feel this still deserves a point since it sounds real nice.

Effort & Uniqueness: 1/1
No words needed.

Nice, yet it can be improved a lot a bit. My major itch is with the style, FYI. Keep up the good work!

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@Aphmeta ok thx for the feedback!

Glitterpoop (15)

you may have my updoot :D

codingjlu (481)

Nice! It may be just me, but your projects all have the same frontend design (navbar, font, scheme, front page). You might want to consider building each project page from scratch. And you made this in Node, not Python?! Way to gooooooooo!

Btw random(ish) but there is Python xD

HackermonDev (2074)

Awesome project. I think you're the first person to ever implement video chat or audio chat on repltalk.

codingjlu (481)

@HackermonDev lol remember mirotalk? CHEAT. Oh btw is soooo cool!

PixiGem (141)

join now! im onine

mendonaarav (6)

now i don't have to use zoom anymore.

ch1ck3n (2359)

@CodingBlizzard uuh i think that is ruiwenge's github..

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@CodingBlizzard keep in mind that i added a lot of stuff like a login system, private messaging, home page, help page, inviting, etc., but sure, I'll give credit

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@CodingBlizzard i didn't fork it, i followed the tutorial

CodingBlizzard (8)

just so you know, the thing has an invite button look at the pic


ruiwenge2 (1135)

@CodingBlizzard that invite is different, it just shows a pop up telling u to copy the link of the meet, but my invite feature actually shows the invite to the user you invited

ruiwenge2 (1135)

just try inviting yourself @CodingBlizzard