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Earth Explorer - A Platformer Featuring a Cat - v2.1 has been released! #earthexplorercatgame
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Dear All,

--> Play the game <--


See the trailer on YouTube

Version 2.1 of #earthexplorercatgame has been released!

This game started when some friends (including @eggboi666) and I decided to create a simple platformer with pixel art graphics.

Since then, the game has progressed quickly and now supports multiplayer, has a highly immersive design and has theme music! Version 2.1 has some bug removals so it is easy to play on a touchscreen!

Earth Explorer is a platformer computer game I created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with some friends as graphics designers. We have released it online, and all you need to do is click the link above and play the game for free! I hope you enjoy it, and please share the game, like this video and subscribe to this channel. If you have any feedback, please comment on this video.

In Earth Explorer, you are a cat who has set off on an expedition to explore the outside world, but beware! You will need to overcome many obstacles on your journey.

Let's explore!

The latest version is version 2.1, which has theme music, a multiplayer mode, touch as well as keyboard controls and an immersive design which makes you feel like you are actually exploring!

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Thank you for upvoting, @Xeon101!