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Dystopian monopoly
Lord_Poseidon (170)

Monopoly in Dystopia!

What would be the state of board gaming when, after the fall of currencies (which will surely happen, mark my words...) Bitcoin emerges as the world's money is an economically-depressed dystopia? It would be this game: Dystopian Monopoly.

Brought to you by Team Broken Code:me, @enigma512 and @PYer


The game starts off with a welcome page. 5 seconds later, There is a simple login page to choose your username and a gametoken.(If anything is already taken, The username field will be silently erased. There are no warning messages in the future). Hit the return key when you are done

The next screen is the lobby screen, which shows the names and tokens of players who are already in the lobby. The first player to enter the lobby is the host and they can decide when to start a game. A minimum of two bots or players are required to start a game. Bots are dumb algorithms that take decisions at random. As host, you may either wait for human players or just add a few bots. Note that bots don'y show on the lobby screen

After the host clicks the start game button (or player limit 8 is reached), a game is started with a chatroom, A board that shows the live positions, A place that spews out status data, a money panel to show your money(in BTC,of course) and a place to take decisions

May the best player win

(most of this games frontend is made in the last 3 days in great hurry, so the graphic multiplayer version doesn't have certain features ( mortgage,building houses). I'll try to do them. Try the text version if you'd rather play a single player game with bots and workers(our term for houses).
Frontend link:(for playing):
Backend link(if you're curious):
terminal game link:
(I almost know I cannot win at this point)

edit: btw, In the year 2035, Satoshi Nakamoto revealed himself to be @timmy_i_chen

timmy_i_chen (1180)


Lord_Poseidon (170)

@timmy_i_chen I forgot to add something in my post:
In the year 2035, Satoshi Nakamoto revealed himself to be Tim Chen the almighty