DynamicSquid (5070)

Tetris. Yay!

Special thanks to @Codemonkey51, @AARIZBOYA, @CodeLongAndPros, @BobTheTomatoPie, @yuhuiguo, @ChezCoder, @SixBeeps, @Jakman, @OcelotCat, @johnstev111, @HahaYes, and @AbhayBhat for their death message suggestions. So blame/thank them for the death messages xD

Oh, and I suggest you play it with the screen size reduced. 67% worked great for me. Also send me a screenshot of your high score to get a mention!

So this game was actually one of the first games I made using Java/Processing, so I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. That's why the game's terrible. I found this in a old folder that I made a couple months back, and I guess sharing it with you guys wont hurt.

Anyway, after working on this game for four days, I kinda lost all motivation and gave up on continuing to work on this project... However, if this project gets a decent amount of likes, I might regain my motivation and completely refactor the code, and improve the game :)

I also had to do a lot of tweaking to make this game work for repl.it since I did this in another compiler, and repl.it doesn't support some features of Processing, and it's a complete mess.

And before you comment all the bugs about the game and repetition of the code, yes, I know. Here's a complete list of bugs:

  1. pieces don't have side collision detection
  2. the square won't rotate
  3. rotating pieces bypass wall collision detection
  4. line clear is very buggy
  5. the code is complete garbage

But if this game does well (gets a decent amount of likes), then I might regain my motivation to make a better one.


Bottom line is, the code sucks, there's a bunch of bugs, I lost motivation in improving it, but let me know if you want to see a version 2 of Tetris by upvoting :)

Also, I just released Minesweeper v3! Play it here!



Okay, so you guys have been absolutely amazing so I think I actually might make a second version now. It'll definitely take a while since I'm quite busy with some other stuff (like making Pacman), but thanks to all those who supported this project!


Thanks so much for 50 upvotes! This is my first project which surpassed that mark. And I'm on my way to 500 cycles! Thanks to all! I guess I'll do a 500 cycle special. Coming out soon :)

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RayvelArjoon (91)

@DynamicSquid Well, you're using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so technically it's an HTML5 game.