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Dungeon RPG
bowserx19 (19)

I made this over the time span of 2-3 weeks and finally finished. I'm posting this so people can check it out and tell me if they like it. Also, I want to know if there were any glitches I missed. :D



bowserx19 (19)

@GIORGOSMENTES lol thank you so much. :D I haven't impressed anyone other than my parents with this so far.

colekroese (1)

I found a bug at the second chest room after going down the right path:
You reach the room with the three chests. Time to Choose!

Choose 1 for the left chest, 2 for the middle chest, 3 for the right chest, and 4 to skip the chests.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 719, in <module>
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''

bowserx19 (19)

@colekroese What did you put as the input? As it is int if you just pressed enter then you would input a string and the code doesn't like that. I tried to turn all of the inputs in the code to strings but then it just wouldn't work for some reason.

RayML123 (0)

Why are the enemies so weak, all of them only deal 1 dmg

bowserx19 (19)

@RayML123 Basically, the enemies would sometimes be unfair and on rare occasion, impossible depending on your class and decisions you made. I balanced it out to be possible, and went a little too far, and when I noticed it, I had already given up on the project, mainly because it sucks, and I had moved on to better things.

tanglx4310 (0)

It fills you with DETERMINATION... just kidding
love the undertale reference!

algore (21)

The way the game is set up it not only limits the player but it limits you as the developer you have every set up like you are coding in a procedual language, but python is a functional language hence the functions like def which could be made to add more freedom to the player and make your coding much easier, other than that its a great game just don't like the way it was coded.

bowserx19 (19)

@algore Thanks for telling me. I tried to do it with def but once I was done with the battle I couldn't figure out how to bring the new values back to the main function (I'm new to this as you can tell). How would I do this?

algore (21)

@bowserx19 here is an example
def square(x):
y = x * x
return y

sqr = 10
result = square(sqr)

bowserx19 (19)

@algore Thanks but that's not what I meant, but it doesn't matter. I figured out a way to do it. I'm making an entirely new version of this (starting from scratch), and it will have a lot more. Thanks for caring enough to help me. People like you are the people I make friends with.

boluadubi (0)

Really nice game! I encountered a glitch (maybe my fault) though after getting the battle-axe and encountering the monster. I typed in 3 but somehow it ended up on the next line and gave this error message:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 625, in <module>
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''
I was enjoying the game till then and plan on playing again.

bowserx19 (19)

@boluadubi Sometimes lags a little bit and causes random errors like that - at least in my experience.

DeathGamer (0)

Its really fun so far i have found no glitches plan to keep playing