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Dumpster Bot

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Dumpster Bot

Dumpster Bot is a bot featuring many different kinds of features, from image searching to text manipulation to a profile system with it's own currency, awards, quotes, and XP system!

The bot also has site site located here, where you can access user information. (If a user has not been seen and registered by the bot, the page will not load properly).

Prefix: ::

Commands: 35

Invite Link:

The Dump discord server (Dumpster Bot home server):


Dumpster Bot creates a profile for all of the people that send a message in a server that it is present in (in channels that it can see). The profiles have the following features:

  • Experience and leveling system
  • Configurable descriptions
  • Custom embed colors that you can set yourself (this will also change the background of your progress bar on your user page).
  • A custom currency called Leftovers that can be used to award other users trophies
  • A trophy system that can be used to award other users trophies. The trophies are:
    • Silver (Costs 10 Leftovers)
    • Gold (Costs 50 Leftovers)
    • Cobalt (Costs 200 Leftovers)
  • A quote system where you can quote other users or yourself (with up to 10 quotes max).

Along with that will also be a link to your user page, which will also have all relevant information as well as a progress bar.

XP is awarded 1 XP per message, while Leftovers are awarded with a 1/20 chance per message. You can also get 0-5 Leftovers every 12 hours using the dive command.


These commands are mostly just to help out a bit:

  • help command, which displays a list of commands. In order to properly get help with a specific command, you must do ::help [commandname] due to the descriptions being too long.
  • prefix command that can be used to set custom prefixes by guild. Each guild can have a custom prefix, settable only by admins, or use the default one.
  • remind command that will remind you in a given amount of time in seconds. Can have a custom message
  • roll command to roll a dice.

Text Manipulation

These commands were fun to make, mostly since they serve no purpose other than to be a bit fun to use. The text manipulation commands include:

  • Pig Latin (platin), flip, zalgo, aesthetic, ASCII, and reverse.
  • A replace command to replace certain words with other ones in a given text.
  • Base64, Base32, Base16, and Base85 text encryption and decryption commands.

Facts and Information

These commands give facts, mostly on numbers, but there is also 3 other commands not related to numbers.

  • num, math, year, and date commands to get facts based off of given numbers, years, or dates. Will default to random ones if none are given. Uses
  • Wiki command to look up terms on Wikipedia
  • Rhymes command to find perfect or near rhymes for a word
  • Dadjoke command that makes you groan every single time. Not really a fact or information, but still funny nonetheless.

Image/GIF/Youtube Searches

The bot has functionality to search for GIFs, images, and Youtube videos based off of a given term. The gif command uses the Tenor API, the image command uses the Imgur API, and the videos command uses Youtube's data API v3.


This last command is thrown in here simply because I have always seen it get a rise out of the friends I've used it with. The elimination command is a simple game, that can take from 2-20 users. It will play a game of elimination, slowly eliminating people until one last person is left alive. This is fun with large or small groups, and is one of my favorite commands that I've taken the time to make.

Other information

This bot's name started mostly as a joke. I had no idea what to name it, and was originally going to name it Mountain (after a good friend of mine) until someone had suggested "Dumpster" and I rolled with it since I found it funny. Dumpster's profile picture/icon and the trophies displayed on user's profile web pages were made by my friend Mouhantain#0707. He's a great guy and I thank him very much for helping me with those images, since my own editing skills are lackluster.

Above is the link to a collection of GIFs showing off all of the commands. I had to use Gfycat since I had a total of 31 GIFs and no way to mass convert them, as well as Imgur not allowing me to upload so many MP4s over 30 seconds long. If there are any complications with the GIFs, please feel free to tell me and I will look into it as soon as possible.

Thanks for checking out Dumpster Bot!

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