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Duel: A Romeo & Juliet Themed Game
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Read this before playing, please!

- Controls -
Use Z to accept, unless the game says otherwise
Use arrow keys to navigate

- How To Play -
Your goal is to defeat the enemy by lowering at least one of their stats to 0, without letting any of your stats to 0.

The three stats are Power, Speed, and Balance.

Attack cards use up one of your stats while decreasing one of your enemy's stats.
Defense cards increase two of your stats. (good for preparing for your attack or repairing damage)
More cards become available with each battle.

There are four phases of a turn: Your defense, your attack, enemy's defense, enemy's attack. (You start on your attack phase for fairness)

- The Story -
The game is themed with Romeo and Juliet. The three levels of the game parallel the three "fights" that took place between Romeo and other people from the story.

Currently, there is no in-game dialogue.

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