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🛰 Drone Assistant A.I. 🛰
Anthony_Tonev (99)

An interactive, animated(live), chatbot that can play games, guess images and help with coding. Sometimes it will tell you to do stuff without being asked - don't listen to it!

Press ESC or F2 to start chat. Press enter to send. (press esc or f2 again to close chat) Type help a few times for more info.

If the drone is not showing up in few seconds press 'run' again. Pressing a key other than ESC or F2 - will make the drone follow the mouse.
Make sure you have clicked on the page it is in.

He will follow the mouse most of the time - but not outside the page he lives in.

Discover commands and things you can ask the Drone.
Main features include - providing simple code snippets for playground.js file. Under the chat menu he has an arguments input field. There you list arguments for simple functions. To get the code press the copy button that will appear. It will place the snipped in your clipboard.
can open images if asked to "image".

  • It can engage in simple chat.
  • Can guess what is displayed on the if asked to "guess image"
  • Play games - you can play rock,paper, scissors and pong. For pong you have to place the code in playground.js. Controls are W and S. The code for pong is borrowed but I made a simple A.I. for it. Try playing pong and rock,paper, scissors at the same time.

The idea here is that it can provide a collection of code snippets for p5 and some can be altered at the point of insertion from the arguments input field (like adding more player, change colors, resolution, etc.)

Ask the Drone for help and it will tell you what interactions it has at the moment.

However some are hidden and you have to discover them yourself. The drone may only hint you about some of them. If you want spoilers - they are at the bottom of the README file in the directory.

p5.js is used - for more detailed referances go to

use to refresh the canvas and not the whole page.

For better UX open in editor.

If you don't like your drone just use command "self destruct" and you will get a new one.