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Draw app - Beta
LegendaryWolf (619)

I've been on a game but failed so I created a paint app!

This is a beta version

Comment for any bugs

If @LordKingston is viewing this, hi!

LordKingston (1)

Try to make it a little bit more real it is just pixels that are changing colors
Ok @LegendaryWolf

LegendaryWolf (619)

@LordKingston, yes! I made an all-screen responsive paint app which doesn't paint on hover! link for that -

LordKingston (1)

@LegendaryWolf The application updates are nice but the problem is the pen whenever I draw the the Image is drawn a few pixels below the pen try to change that.

LegendaryWolf (619)

TY for reporting the glitch!

LegendaryWolf (619)

@LordKingston, IM working on making something called programming wiki/ code wiki in pure Javascript. Do ya know JS? if yes can u help meh? Like it is almost Wikipedia but more related to maths and coding and binary. I'll take care of all the JS and Css if you don't know how JS. U can just do the HTML. Im gonna make a group name @CodeWiki. we can make an org out of that lol. And yes, I'm also gonna make a mobile app for that in kotlin, a desktop app(WIN) in c++ and for MAC in swift, I guess, but IDK that so u do for mac. IM TOO EARLY I GUESS

BananaJellyfish (199)

you should make it so that you can change pen size. and that you have to click to draw. other than that, cool!

LegendaryWolf (619)

did you like the voice instructions and effects?