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Dragon Jam! (#2)

My first Dragon Jam was a success! (Sort of, heres the link : Dragon Jam ) I enjoyed it a lot so i've decided to make...

Dragon Jam (#2)

The Jam starts now and you have until 12:00 (PDT) AT SEPTEMBER 11TH , 2021. If you would like to become a judge, comment down below (I'll judge for now).
When you submit your code, the judges will judge these 5 things:
2.Having the shortest number of lines possible for your program.
4.Features in the program.
5.Number Of Upvotes (one point for 1 upvote, 2 points for 2-5, you will score 3 points for 6-10, 4 points for 11-25, and 5 for anything higher than that.). Creating multiple accounts to upvote your own project will get you disqualified.


An amazing... 3 upvotes!!!!!

Runner Up

Still 1 upvote...

Now Get To Work And Have Fun!

Just some pings for some other compeditors from last Jam: