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Doubloons! - Tycoon Game
ianjconnaughton (45)


Hello! I've been working night and day on this project, and I've had a couple of people play it to see if it works, and they thought it was really fun then started playing it on there free time. Here is the link!


This was a solo project and I feel pretty proud of myself too :)

What it's about

In Doubloons, the whole goal is to earn as much money as possible, with multiple ways to earn it. You collect your money in paychecks, but you only get 20,000 paychecks until you go out of business. Eventually, you can get a second business that you don't loose paychecks in, and you don't make money from it either. You make Doubloons! Doubloons can buy special buildings, and redeem them for different perks.

If for some reason this link doesn't show the fullscreen mode, just know this game is MUCH better played in fullscreen mode.


Muhammad_SJC (150)

I really like it! If you want to make it better, you can replace this peice of code with every print line.

import sys,time
for char in "Hello World!":
      print(char, end="")

#It's really cool! It actually looks like some is typing it!
#P.S. I give you a +1!

Muhammad_SJC (150)

Ignore the "Hello world" bit, you can replace it with anything you like. I used this in my Ai in the Ai challenge. My code:

Muhammad_SJC (150)

You can search "A.I.R" in the share section and pls upvote!

ianjconnaughton (45)

@Muhammad_SJC I’ll keep that noted, glad you like the game :)

LegendsofNobody (2)

A good game but you should make trucks a little cheaper the first few time you buy them because the beginning is just spamming enter for enough money

LegendsofNobody (2)

@ianjconnaughton Idk maybe like $100 the first time $500 the second $1000 the third time

ryanokushi (1)

You have a typo on the 6th screen where it says "you csn invest" instead of "you can invest."

HaidynDodson (1)

Don't forget phil thicky

violangreg (1)

How I ended, I got a planet but I didn't realize I spent all my advertisement on tours. My tours had much higher earnings than my planets, guess that's where I messed up. Really fun game nevertheless!

widgetmaster (8)

did anyone actually see my game?
by the way, nice job.

KrishnaRamrakha (0)

A suggestion. To stop spamming/holding 'ENTER', you should create a function that allows us to cash in a certain number of paychecks at once. E.g.: Instead of pressing 'Enter' 50 times, have a command that asks you how many you want to cash in, in this scenario, I'll cash in 50 at the same time.

timmy_i_chen (1180)

Nice game! Wish it told us how much things cost though :(

ianjconnaughton (45)

@timmy_i_chen if you go to help, it should say something at the bottom that if you type in “price”, it will show you all the prices

timmy_i_chen (1180)

@ianjconnaughton oh sweet, thanks! fast response too :D

gamermom (0)

This is awesome and addicting!

AmeliaBlackwell (1086)

it's really good! Once you get to doubloons it's a little slow though. and oil rigs don't bring in much money, coz i stupidly spent all my ad boosts on tours - I didn't realise there was a limit. still it's a really fun game, I really wanted that planet!

RaghavMisra (5)

GG. I love this game man! +1 right there! Just one suggestion, in the HELP section, write the prices for each thing to buy.

ianjconnaughton (45)

@RaghavMisra if you type “price” it’ll tell you the prices.

RaghavMisra (5)

@ianjconnaughton ah sorry didnt catch that. great job!

nedmunch (0)

And don’t forget dummy thick

nedmunch (0)

And a little bit of Timmy thick

nedmunch (0)

I’m feeling extra thick

nedmunch (0)

It was my favorite emote!!!!!!!!!!!

nedmunch (0)

That was my favorite emote