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👀 Domain Hack Finder 👀
mat1 (4456)

Domain Hack Finder

Ever want to make a website, but you haven't been sure what you should name it?

According to Wikipedia, a domain hack is a domain name that suggests a word, phrase, or name when concatenating two or more adjacent levels of that domain. For example, "bir.ds" and "examp.le", using the fictitious country-code domains .ds and .le, suggest the words birds and example respectively. In this context, the word hack denotes a clever trick (as in programming), not an exploit or break-in (as in security).
Learn more about domain hacks on my blog

Try it out now! 😎

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BIue (68)

how to get a free domain


i upvoted send me an image of a potato to [email protected]

ieatbroccoli900 (7)

oh yeah and dude your project is soooooooooooooo good

ieatbroccoli900 (7)


~~ yeeeeeee~~

  • ye
  • yee
  • y333333

    you should go do something else now

Hillo232 (15)

how does this thing work?

Hillo232 (15)

How does this program work?

ZacharyEtienne (0)

I upvoted ur thing I want I Robux username: cocogimmy

wjustin (21)

@mat1 im not sure if this is a glitch but try typing out something really long, see what happens

awesome10 (233)

I upvoted, i assume my 'free Robux or MineCoins or whatever' will arrive within 10 days, or i shall call the iau (international astronomical union)

TheForArkLD (770)

Hey,This is COOL!!
(Can you do my original language?)


i upvoted now where are my minecoins

mat1 (4456)

@HENRYMARTIN4 They will arrive soon.

marsbar (13)

Apparently, is not taken, but is...

rediar (524)

@mat1 WHERE IS MY FREE ROBUX! This is the second time I have been scammed! That Nigerian Prince sounded so trustworthy....

ebest (672)

I need this.

And your avatar gif is insane. One moment you think its flashing, then you look at it for a while, then look away... THEN IT FLASHES AGAIN! after a while, you see it flickered. Also, are you a spy or controlling spies?

mat1 (4456)

@ebest oh no you exposed me

(i made it with my pro photoshop skills)

ebest (672)

@mat1 photoshop creates gifs?

Lolanator365 (12)

@mat1 hey i think your project is ace. ;)
also i upvoted so can i gets me some robux please
i can tell you my email if you need so pls reply

mat1 (4456)

@Lolanator365 Yes please send your email, password, social security number, credit card number, the 3 digits on the back, and the expiration month and year, as well as a payment of $50,000. Then, you will receive your free robux.

Lolanator365 (12)

@mat1 that is not free robux, that is a scam

Lolanator365 (12)

@mat1 so what do i have to do to get the robux coz like i rlly like roblox and i dont have many robux

mat1 (4456)

@Lolanator365 Just follow the instructions I gave you, it's not a scam, it's just for verification to make sure you're a real human.

Lolanator365 (12)

@mat1 i am human if i were a robot i would just give you the $50k but i am a human and i know better than to just willingly give 50k

Lolanator365 (12)

@mat1 i can give you my email tho.
[email removed]

abc3354 (229)

@Lolanator365 It is not a good idea to give your email like this on repl talk

Lolanator365 (12)

@abc3354 why not.
its just my email.
i have one of the strongest passwords in the world so nobody is getting in to it except me

abc3354 (229)

@Lolanator365 The problem is not the password
Some can get your email for spamming

Lolanator365 (12)

@abc3354 i sign up for spamm sometimes

mat1 (4456)

@Lolanator365 How do I know you're not an extremely advanced neural network?

superpeter (2)

@Lolanator365 wait why are you asking for robux (roblox currency?) on

StringentDev (234)

i got one of the theme extensions for, I scanned the download link with @mat1

StringentDev (234)

you also get -£1000 on your birthday, happy birthda... @mat1

HappyFakeboulde (241)

what does replytics do

mat1 (4456)

@HappyFakeboulde It's a project i'm testing that counts how many times a Repl is run. You can view the information here: (it only stores the current runs and views at the moment)

ebest (672)

@mat1 lol I just made exactly the same thing using jsonstore.

abc3354 (229)

This is super cool !
I love the live results when you type :)

And I didn't know about replytics :o

mat1 (4456)

@abc3354 ;) Ty! Btw I added Replytics to it just to test it on a public Repl

mat1 (4456)

@Mooopy 🔥 thank 🔥
btw, mind upvoting my post? Thanks.

mat1 (4456)

What a steal

Nayoar (581)

@mat1 oNLy $240

Upvoted btw

retronbv (131)

@mat1 ...................................

mat1 (4456)


print('@retronbv ' + ('.' * 100))
ebest (672)

@mat1 maybe you should use

print('@retronbv ')
while True: print('.')