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Domain Coloring Calculator

What is Domain Coloring?

Domain Coloring is the process of taking a function such as x^3 - 1, running each point in a complex plane through that function, taking a color corresponding to that output, and mapping that color to the input location on the complex plane. This process is used to visualize graphs that have complex inputs, as you would need 4 dimensions (2d plane * 2d plane) to see the output if using a normal graph.

What does Each Color Mean?

Red means the function will output a positive real number for the given input. Cyan means a negative real number. Yellow-Green means positive imaginary with no real counterpart (0 + bi). Purple means negative imaginary with no real counterpart (0 - bi). Mixes between these colors mean mixes between imaginary and real numbers. A black area means the function goes to 0 at that point. A white area means the function is large at that point. The threshold for points becoming white can be changed through the saturation value. A grey area means that function is undefined at that point.


Sarcastic Voice: Wow, this is so cool

Thanks for bringing back my PTMD (Post Traumatic Math Disorder). Ever since I completed my Advanced College Mathematics math has haunted me. Even simple things like graphing a parabola cause flashbacks.
I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight...


This is cool!