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Kognise (459)

Introducing DomBoom, a fun game to raise awareness about deprecated HTML elements.

The rules are simple:

  • Shoot all the deprecated elements
  • Leave the valid ones alone

It has three game modes:

  • Beginner: if you don't know what elements are deprecated, this will highlight them red
  • Casual: nice and casual, probably what you want to play
  • Shazam: everything is faster, harder, larger, including spawning; I wish you luck playing this mode

Please give me feedback, I'd love to improve this to make it more fun for everyone! Right now it's a WIP. Hint: get to 1500 points for something special :P

Play it!
Read the source code.

HackermonDev (2076)

How did you make this?

Kognise (459)

@PDanielY The homepage and menu is vanilla HTML/JS/CSS and the main game is (mostly) PixiJS

cerbers (3)

it s easy to understand

TimothyAnderso1 (130)

10/10 ~ "Would Pingle Can Again"
Approved Awsome

ebest (672)

@TimothyAnderso1 XD
oh and is marquee the special?