Platforming game - Share and make levels
A game where you can share, make and play levels online! Browse user-created levels and play random ones as well! You can place coins, platforms, lava, water, trampolines, checkpoints and winning blocks to make dynamic levels! You can color-customize your levels and more! See how to play at! See all levels at and make a level at!

1. You can click to restart a level
2. Levels do not start immediately after the page loads; it waits for you to click when you are ready.
3. Now you can see a list of all posted levels at /levels.
4. New databases mean that data will no longer be lost (I had issues with this earlier, sorry to those of you whose data was lost).
5. Better-looking 'you win' and 'you lose' screens.
6. New yellow 'trampoline' block.
7. Changed 'trampoline' block to brown, made a new gold coin block.

1. A green block that makes you win once you touch it--DONE!
2. Color customization in the level editor -- DONE!
3. Gravity and side-to-side speed customization in the level editor--DONE!
4. Nicer-looking player sprites, namely rainbow and custom-color (this is hackable...).
5. Better user interface (making the site look nicer, etc.)
6. Move the random level to /random, then make a homepage.
7. Checkpoints--DONE!
8. Improve level editor--DONE!

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Doesn't seem to be loading for me :\


@timmy_i_chen Sorry; you might have tried this during the point when I was debugging. There was a bug that crashed it, but the game should work now.


@426729 Yay, it works! This is awesome - I see a lot of potential in it moving forward :D


@timmy_i_chen Now people can build and share levels!