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Disease Spread Simulation
Andi_Chin (220)

A project I made with my friends to spread awareness about measures people can take.

you will be able to see, live, how individual actions affect one another, and how communities affect each other.

also has a custom machine learning model specifically for predicting an epidemic (without using external libraries).

  • yellow circles represent shopping centers that people travel to
  • boxes represent separate communities. Most people are trapped within a community while some can travel between them
  • red particles represent the infected
  • blue represents the recovered (they are immune but have a chance of losing it)
  • grey represents the deceased.
blog where I talk about it:
adl212 (172)

Why so less comments?

Andi_Chin (220)

@adl212 people don't like typing I guess :P

alextotoro1 (12)

I feel like one of those circles that are running really fast and crashing into other people and walls.
Also, the sick people on my simulation are off the charts. No literally, off the charts.


Andi_Chin (220)

@potatojs thank you, hope you found it useful!

Barry123 (350)

Great simulation!

studentAlfredAl (446)

This is a really good simulation. You like like you're big smart in math lol. Keep up the great work! :D

Andi_Chin (220)

@studentAlfredAl I learned it all through online courses! You can do the same :)

AtriDey (189)

This is far too accurate. This actually goes well with my community's numbers. And it's getting worse, and people are going to garage sales with no masks or distancing, and multiple people sneezing. Not that it makes a difference, with about two large parties per day in my neighborhood.

Andi_Chin (220)

@AtriDey Yes, it's unfortunately very true in many communities.

dilshaan (15)

That was amazing. It looks like you are a pro coder👨🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻

codeitfast (59)

can you make it so that only some people maintain distance or that days can pass, and people only can have covid for x-amount of days?

Andi_Chin (220)

@codeitfast Yep, we've already implemented it! People have a chance of recovery, and the recovered people also have a chance of losing their immunity


this is definitely something to show the people who aren't using protection to shield thmselves

adl212 (172)

Great visuals! This is a great thing to spread awareness that COVID-19 is actually very harmful to people!

Andi_Chin (220)

@adl212 I really hope that it can help people!

JosephSanthosh (1181)

YO THIS IS SO SICK - There is no way you created this all by yourself!

Andi_Chin (220)

@JosephSanthosh Yea, I made it with 3 other friends!

NoelB33 (351)

Wow this must have taken a long time to make. Good work!

Andi_Chin (220)

@NoelB33 Yea, it took about about 50 hours work along with my friends.