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🔎Discover - Fun, Unique RPG ⚔️ Bot 🤖 For Discord 😄
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Have you ever wanted to have a Discord bot that allowed you to play a good old classic RPG? Or attract users to your server? Or battle against other players in the server for glory? Well, Discover™ does it all!

The Story

In this world, there are three tribes: Order ⚖️, Laidback😴, and Chaos😈.
Starting off, you can use the command "d.story" to view the story for the server. The story that you will see is unique to the server you are in; this means no other server has it! (Pretty cool, huh?). Using the arrow reactions, you are able to scroll through each part of the story and view what went down. Note: there will always be at least one story hero with each respective tribe.
Story Gif

Selecting a Tribe

Now that you've heard the story, it's time to select a tribe! To select a tribe, use the command "d.tribeset (tribe)". Be careful, because your choice will stick with you throughout your whole journey!
Tribeset Image


As part of a tribe, you can battle the other tribes in epic RPG fights to earn XP for your own tribe. However, if the other tribe defeats you, they will earn XP for their own. The goal is to level up and become the tribe with the most XP and levels! Additionally, if you win a battle, you personally receive some coins to use on upgrading your story heroes and for purchasing honey pots, which let you heal up in battles. Did you know that each tribe has a different weapon in battle? As you can see, Chaos has the dagger.
Battle Image

Viewing Tribe/User Information

By using the commands "d.tribe (tribe)" and "d.user (user)", you are able to find out information about all the users and tribes.
Tribe User Info Pic

Highly Customizable

By forking the repl, you are able to customize the characters that are a part of the Discover world! By editing the character.txt file in the format given and adding the URL to your repl in the repl_url.txt file, you are able to create a list of characters along with their tribes. Additionally, just add an image of the character in the images folder. Make sure that all spaces are replaced with underscores, though! Discover currently only supports .png format pictures.
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This post will be edited with more features as they are added

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how do I add the bot??