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Discord OAuth API Simplified.
TheDrone7 (1942)

I made a node.js library for simplifying the use of discord oauth API.
For using it simply add the following dependency in your package.json file.
"disco-oauth":"*" and that's it.
See this page for more info and docs.
Start the Github repository
And comment below if you encounter any issues or have any suggestions or queries.

Also upvote this post :P

DynamicSquid (5029)

Hey, thanks for posting on Replit! Unfortunately you can't ask other people to upvote your posts. You have to remove it, or I'll unlist this. If you want more information, please read the general rules.

Let me know if you have any questions

TheDrone7 (1942)

@DynamicSquid wasn't part of the rules 2 years ago.

DynamicSquid (5029)

@TheDrone7 Wow you're library's really popular on GitHub btw :O

TheDrone7 (1942)

@DynamicSquid not GitHub, but someone once spammed npm, idk who so now it's big there.