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Discord Bot Competition
timmy_i_chen (1187)

Results are in! See here

In Partnership With Discord: Discord Bot Competition

General Competition Information

The way it works is that you build and deploy Discord bots with and then submit your bot here on the challenge board. If you're new to building bots with then start by reading one of the following guides:

Or if you're impatient then start by forking this example and following the instructions in the comments.

You can join the Discord Server and ask the moderators to add your bot to develop it with other users. Or you can develop it on your own server. Feel free to ask questions on the here on the Ask board or in the Discord server #help channel.

Competition starts: Monday, Nov 12 12:01 PM UTC
Competition ends: Monday, Nov 26 12:01 PM UTC


Instead of first, second, and third place prizes, this time, there will be five winners selected by the team. Each winner will receive:

  • Discord swag (t-shirt and stickers)
  • Three months of hacker plan for free (worth $21)
  • 100 extra cycles (upvotes) added to their account

These five winners will be picked for these categories:

  • Fun (e.g. a game bot)
  • Utility (e.g. a bot that helps evaluate code)
  • Moderation (e.g. a bot that helps manage roles)

Submission Criteria:

In order to be considered, your submission:

  • Must be a discord bot
  • Must be hosted on
  • Must be age-appropriate
  • Please include a gif of your bot in action

Please include the URL to add your bot to a server so others can use it!


Game On!

123Alefantastic (3)

I will challenge at high noon!


How would free accounts obfuscate their token?

Lazerpent (0)

@JACKDIGNAN you can use .env files. They are hidden

timmy_i_chen (1187)

Thanks for sharing knowledge! :)

Docs to .env files:

Austin_ (1)

How does one submit? 🤔

saurabh270 (1)

i love repl and coading 😘😘😘😘.

Eyseedoubleyou (25)

Can we redo this?
many bot devs hadny joined repl when this was aired

mikiec84 (0)

Forking it in a bit. Thanks!

davidglauberset (53)

Hey @timmy_i_chen when will the result of the Bots competition come out?

davidglauberset (53)

@timmy_i_chen But Monday has passed, and why have not I been warned with any emails that I have won?

PYer (4015)

When are you going to tell us who won?

Zogip2 (0)

I'm trying to incorporate filewriting with my discord bot. The file doesn't look like it is updating but the bot still works with the new version of the file. I can't tell if this is a problem with my code or a problem with repl's real time file updates. Do discord bots have a specific problem with filewriting?

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@Zogip2 This is a thing - we're working on fixing it up but its a bit of a tricky process. Sorry for the trouble!

Coder100 (18882)

@timmy_i_chen Oh, so that's why my things sometimes don't work

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@Coder100 It should be fixed now - are you still hitting issues?

Coder100 (18882)

@timmy_i_chen no, looks like it’s fixed now. Thanks!

firecraftgaming (0)

I have a question IF you don’t win can you still see which place you get on?

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@firecraftgaming Nope, we aren't ranking all of them, just the top 5.

firecraftgaming (0)

@timmy_i_chen ok when do you shout out the winners but I​ don't think I am gonna win but when?

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@firecraftgaming Within the next few days - takes a while to go through all the awesome bots!

firecraftgaming (0)

Im sorry i though i submit the bot here so i didnot see the publish bot on the start side can i still be in the competion

firecraftgaming (0)

@firecraftgaming and i can't publish the bot now and i don't know what to do now

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@firecraftgaming go ahead and submit it still, as a separate post

Deniernal354 (18)

@timmy_i_chen Do you review all bots submitted or only those on the top and hot category?

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@Deniernal354 All that are submitted to the board :)

Deniernal354 (18)

@timmy_i_chen When do you announce the results?

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@Deniernal354 Probably two or three days - we have to go through each and every bot submission. :)

AffaxDev (0)


TalkPal is a Discord bot that automatically sends a message to the desired channel with a POST request.
Website url:
Hope you enjoy!
Website only works on www...

firecraftgaming (0)

@timmy_i_chen sorry I din't see your comment until now can i still be in the competion please

mihailgaberov (1)

Bot Name: MinchoPraznikov
Bot Prefix: !wea
Bot Source Link (on
Bot Invite:

MinchoPraznikov is a weather forecasting bot. You type a name of a city and he will tell
you the current temperature there and will show a nice image depicting the weather.

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@mihailgaberov Post this as its own post to enter! :)

mihailgaberov (1)

@timmy_i_chen Done. Thank for letting me know!

ModernBbinibini (0)

Is this like a robot?

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@ModernBbinibini Yup! Feel free to look at the other submissions so far. :)

acerbisgianluca (2)

Can I post my bot and still working on it until the end of the contest?

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@acerbisgianluca Of course! We judge at the conclusion of the contest. :)

FHGDev (1)

Talk about easy! I've made over 3 bots with! GAME ON!

davidglauberset (53)

Very good, I hope to succeed in this competition:
I did a Bot Discord of stone, paper and scissors with placement;)

xSpiderMC (0)

How do we host it without our token getting leaked?

TrueXPixels (127)

Are we limited to one submission(one bot)?

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@TrueXPixels Nope! You can submit more than one!

timmy_i_chen (1187)

@JoshuaDouble A competition to see who can make the best Discord bot!