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Dice Game (but it's Java)
AeneidVI (6)

Learning Java, so I redid one of my old practice python projects. I thought I'd post it, both because Chō-Han is fun (admittedly more so against other humans) and the judgement of others has improved my programming in the past! I hope you enjoy the game!

melissapan51 (0)

i think you should take this down. some might use your code to cheat on assignments and projects. no offense

CodingCactus (4138)

@melissapan51 there's nothing wrong with this post

melissapan51 (0)

@CodingCactus yeah ik but i just wanted to say that theres going to be people who will copy off this code and make it theirs. ik ppl who have copied off of people on the internet and posted it as their own.

melissapan51 (0)

ofc there a bunch more stuff on the internet but idk just a thought bc ive seen those annoying types of ppl who plagiarize @melissapan51

AeneidVI (6)

@melissapan51 ...we all post code on this site? I'm confused. I did this for fun. If this was a homework assignment I'd kinda get it, but this is just a game. I'm sorry, I just don't... get it, I suppose?