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Hi everyone!
This is basically just a pong game from the coding world.

How to play:-
Just simple.

Try to move two paddles so that it cannot give the opponent point if you miss the ball.

"W" is for moving the left paddle up.
"S" is for moving the left paddle down.
Up key is for moving the Right paddle up
Down key is for moving the Right paddle down.

And the score thing?
You will find it out in the game.

PS:- It's a bit laggy while playing this game in the Repl but we don't have any alternate for it as of now. I hope the run domain will be back soon for a better experience.

And the other thing is that, It is very beginner-friendly.
You can follow up along with the commented code.
Fork it out and try to make some differences.

Leave out your best score here in the comments.

All credit goes to this tutorial

Check it out if you want

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