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DebitStore! Get your debit card information stolen today!
Squirrel777 (144)

First of all, dont put real debit card information in here, ok?

So I haven't posted a project in a while because I have been working on this for the past week! Basically its a card-saving service. Why you would want to put info on here? I dont know. This Project not small-screen friendly! for various reasons such as not being able to scroll down. If your computer size is at least 14" then your fine. So leave an upvote if you liked it! Also I will not link the repl because I dont want you guys looking at the source code and its a private repl that will only work as websites

And again, dont put real debit card information in here!

Click me!

The repl below is private so click the link above!

Besalynus (0)

"You know, debit cards are actually safer to carry than cash. For example, if your wallet get stolen, you lose your cash, then oops. But all kinds of cards, especially debit cards can be canceled and replaced remotely right away. Besides they have multi-layers of security. But just in case anyone has a problem with their cards then you guys can go to . But don’t worry much because the chip on your card contains information about your bank account that will provide you additional security. Besides, don’t forget that debit card requires a pin. So as you can see, nothing to worry about ^^

TigerTheCat (40)

Haha this is very funny! Your Debit Cards Are Not Safe
With only a 6 digit code, your life is secure! Your home, money, job, college money. All protected with a 6 digit code. No 2 factor authentication because here at Softsquirrel Studios, we dont want to do that because were too lazy!

TigerTheCat (40)

@Squirrel777 Haha even my web browser is suspicious of this website. It won't let me view the embedded website even though I should get a 404 anyways (because its private).