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There is now an (unofficial) browser extension!


  • Theming (6 themes included, plus support for custom themes!)
  • Code snippets (add your own custom code snippets - all languages)
  • Auto close HTML tags (I know supports Emmet, but I also like automatically closing HTML tags)

The included themes: active4d, Amy, All Hallows Eve, Birds of paradise, Blackboard and Brilliance Black (+ you can add your own custom themes).

Except for active4d, all of those themes are dark themes.

Code snippets: Each code snippet has a name called a label and as you start to type the label, it will appear as an option in the autocomplete suggestions (Brilliance Black theme):

Auto close HTML tags (Amy theme):

For more information and help about how to use this extension, take a look at the following website:
(source -

And here is the link to install the extension - it is on the chrome web store:

Enjoy :)

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Yes it will improve the Monaco code editor used in Replit, so when you are coding using Replit you can use some extra features (theming, automatically closing HTML tags and code snippets)