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Datab (Database structure for C#)
SixBeeps (5335)

Simple database structure for C#. It is just a class, not an actual executable program. There's some documentation on the GitHub version.
GitHub (Updated):


lol @SixBeeps

niorg2606 haha that name be lookin real weird

SixBeeps (5335)

@Aphmeta Yup. Those were strange times...


@SixBeeps ikr... wait how did u come up with the name SixBeeps?

SixBeeps (5335)


long ago, i was named niorg2606 (this was even on
i also play this game called osu!
i would draw little smiley faces on screen with the smoke feature
the left eye would look more like a V, however
so the eyes made a VI, hence the six
beeps came from the fact that i creation the musics
i was looking for a new username (because niorg is actually groin backwards, if you didn't see it)
and "SixBeeps" was catchy
so I made the change

JorgeMejia2 (0)

Hi SixBeeps, I tried to access the replit link, but I got the following error: refused to connect.

SixBeeps (5335)

@JorgeMejia2 Oh yeah, this was before I changed my name to SixBeeps, here's the correct link:
Be warned, this is an older project. There are better alternatives to Datab, and I'd advise against the use of it altogether.