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Dashy dash game
CursorsDev (729)

Dashy dash is a game about dashing.

Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

Space to dash.

When you red boi you are weak and vulnerable

When you orange boi you are still weak but hey you can dash

When you cyan boi you kil enemies

owo gud luk

thanks @KarmaIsKrazy for the amazing favicon!

thanks @Baconman321 for telling me to consider users with poor internet connection and to instead restart the game and not be a lazy person and exclude those users thanks 🙏

thanks @nN34398Ff and @Baconman321 for the enemy respawn too fast when you die bug thing um... thanks


@DanielGreynold1 - Slap upvote now slappers lmao :P

SeamusDonahue (461)

very nice and well designed!

xmasboy (4)

I agree a bit infuriating at first but still @SeamusDonahue

CursorsDev (729)

:v it's too hard? maybe im just too used to my games

badst (242)

@CursorsDev na, the difficulty is perfect, my only suggestion is to add is like a countdown for when the boost runs out, and maybe make it so they don't spawn on you.

CursorsDev (729)

@pepelaugh (O w O) if you look in the source i have my trusty while loop that prevents enemies spawning too close. its not my fault you ran into them :)

badst (242)

@CursorsDev lmao i guess i'm just bad then

CursorsDev (729)

no its just i have lots of practice with my own games

20064791 (1)

90 Highest so far

tussiez (1691)

Wow, still on trending!
Great job :)

elijahbernard (7)

my new high score is 50

earwarmers (6)

This is a great game, but I'd recommend adding some form of a timer for when you turn cyan

RahulChoubey1 (192)

Text version of meme:

RahulChoubey1 (192)

It says that place-items is not a CSS property(I looked in the code)

cowboyyall10 (8)

and make a pause button for bathroom breaks. + rename it to zombie apocalypse

cowboyyall10 (8)

and add a leaderboard. and make it multiplayer. and also make a system where you can hire bots to help you. you can add stats like: blue boi time: 10s, red boi recharge: 6s and stuf

cowboyyall10 (8)

and can you add an upgrades thing? like you can upgrade length of time that you can be blue boi, recharge for orange boi shortened, special stuf like energy ball, kill all enemies within a ball of energy. like, you can use points to buy upgrades. and oyeah if you do this please let me test this ok?

cowboyyall10 (8)

oyeah and can i beta-test?

cowboyyall10 (8)

how to win is go to the corners, be blue boi, then go on a rampage

IntellectualGuy (887)

@CursorsDev Idk how this happened but all of a sudden I can move really fast, I think someone's hacking.

RahulChoubey1 (192)

@IntellectualGuy Were you cyan? If so, that's intentional. You're dashing

IntellectualGuy (887)

@RahulChoubey1 Even when I wasn't cyan, and when I was cyan then it went super fast.

upgoup123 (1)

Nice game if there's more shape that will be better I guess.

JakeHu2020 (39)

I forked the game, and trying to edit it to invincibility, and the game crashed. And I waited a bit, and checked again. There were 500 white dots in the center pushing around. With the game over banner on top. When it was done with that, I had 108 score

JakeHu2020 (39)

@JakeHu2020 I finished my hack. As soon as you touch an enimie, you get boost+always invincible+extra fast spawning enimies

CursorsDev (729)

wait wat i teleport when i hit the wall?

RahulChoubey1 (192)

@JakeHu2020 afk(but keep tab open) enemy farm lol

CursorsDev (729)

darn is this game really that hard? :'(

AnthonyMouse (82)

@CursorsDev I got 15 this time im horrible at video games xD

skinnyKoala6 (0)

uhh high score of 49 is this good?

RahulChoubey1 (192)

@skinnyKoala6 does it feel good to you? That's the final judge

I think that's better than my average

RahulChoubey1 (192)

Points for time survived plz

IntellectualGuy (887)

You should probably increase the dash time

MegaMan (1)

This is really good! the only suggestion I have is to maybe make your cube blink when you're running out of dash as it can be very hard to time it just right.

Baconman321 (1115)

@MegaMan It runs out of dash too fast tho for that to be effective...