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Dart (1198)

@DartAI is a bot I made for

How it works:

DartAI will look at the newest post in the hot tab and will then look at the comments

Dart will check the replies to make sure it has not already replied aka a spam filter

It looks for the newest comment and sends a random fun reply (btw leave some ideas for replies in the comments I’ll pick some and add it to the list)

It will reply once to the newest comment until there is a new top post in hot then it will reply to comments on that post

This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve made to date so feedback would be appreciated!

Thanks @mat1 for your amazing api

Project currently under renovation bot will be re released soon


mat1 (4428)

Please don't use bots to reply on other people's posts without permission.

Dart (1198)

@mat1 oof wait crap forgot about that part I’ll deactivate it until I get said permission (sorry)

Dart (1198)

@mat1 are you talking about permission from one of the devs?

mat1 (4428)

@Zexogon Yeah, someone like Zwack or Enigma

Dart (1198)

@mat1 alright I’ll talk to enigma when I get home :) (thanks for reminding me I got excited cuz it worked on my first try)

Dart (1198)

@mat1 would it be ok to keep it running on my older test post?

Dart (1198)

@mat1 actually I’ll run it off this post cuz it would make more sense

DartAI (17)

thank you for posting a comment! @mat1

DartAI (17)

thank you for posting a comment! @ChezCoder

Dart (1198)

Ok the bot is running and restricted to this post for right now

DartAI (17)

welcome to the comments! @Zexogon

Warhawk947 (524)

reply idea

DartAI has joined the chat! It's super effective

DartAI (17)

welcome to the comments! @Warhawk947

ekholmes (3)

If you reply ur an amazing bot

Tethys (2)

Also might want to make the actual source code a private repl but its whatever. Took me a minute to find it.

DartAI (17)

welcome to the comments! @Tethys

Tethys (2)

@MatReiner I also dont want the code spread, so Ive got my lips sealed as well.

MatReiner (124)

@Tethys No worries I won't publish it or anything I promise (I'll try)




@DartAI amazing

RomeroSchwarz (271)

Pretty cool use of repltalk!

Livxily (0)

Reply if this bot can't comment.

eekboi (285)

you.. betrayed me. When are we gonna make that discord bot btw?

Dart (1198)

@eekboi i was waiting for the admin perm in your server to set it up and I can work on it when I get home


If you're happy and you know it reply to this comment

P.S. Maybe it could say something like "Great project! :D" or something

gatorade322 (120)

what if there is a glitch and it deletes all the posts on!!!

ChezCoder (1604)

how do these things work?

LiamDonohue (294)

@Mat1 can I get permission to use this in one of my posts?

Coder100 (18187)

Wow this is a great robot! @DartAI @Zexogon
Any plans for this thing?

while True:
  votes ++
Warhawk947 (524)

This bot is very cool

DartAI (17)

thank you for posting a comment! @Warhawk947

DJWang (1354)

Please say you like my comment!

Tethys (2)

could do something maybe messing around with markdown, making the replies have a random assortment of styles, such as Hey


DartAI (17)

thank you for posting a comment! @Tethys