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Danganronpa simulator
INUMA666 (33)

spent so long on this, it is a danganronpa trigger happy havoc sim, it has events, murders, trials, relations, custom and random characters, i am updating it, im planning to add more to the trial
i hope all the danganronpa fans enjoy this

phgamer0202 (2)

is a great simulator you intend to trials or update? :D

JessicaG2 (1)

Hey! I'm trying to add a custom cast but I can't seem to complete the list to get the game started. It just wants me to keep adding characters and their ultimates. What can I do about that?

INUMA666 (33)

@JessicaG2 since the cast of danganronpa is 16 students you will need to add 16 people into a custom cast in order to proceed, if it gets you to add over 16 people let me know

liduinalacerda (0)

I thought the Simulator was really cool, but I think it could have the Portuguese language because most of them are danganronpa fans São Br and I'm Brazilian, and I don't know English ... so it's hard and not final the mastermind could be one of the random names or that the person put other than the junko

berrykeon95 (0)

ok so idk if you said something about this before, but after the first class trial the game just ends and the line turns red, im new so idk if youre supposed to do something but just asking for help

Neorocket64 (0)

sorry for not asking you before, but i'm using your writings and most of sequence ideas for my own iteration of this using python and guizero :
hope you are ok with it

Neorocket64 (0)

@INUMA666 thanks, man
very appreciated

cstiehm (0)

Hey! I'd like to be able to create my own version of this, but I don't know where to start. Could you help me out? Thanks :)

kubakopiec009 (0)

This is soooo cool! I love it! I am add here students from my class, only i survived :,D

JuanMartinez18 (0)

Just a question are you still working on V.2?

INUMA666 (33)

@JuanMartinez18 yes, but i also have a-levels to do too, so progress is slow

laneray (0)

Can you expalin how to use this? For some reason when i click the play button it just displays random letters, also its letting me edit the files for some reason

I just attempted once again and it still isn't providing any dialogue or text

kittenanimation (0)

question: this is my first time on this website and i dont know how to run this thing and when i click run it says no module named 'repilt'.


INUMA666 (33)

@kittenanimation thats a bug, ill look into it

edit: fixed it

SkyAsh (0)

With the daganronpa simulator
why does 1 person escape and not 2 when there is 2 left & also
with danganronpa sim V2.0 i can't get past the 1st trail punishment even though the killer died.

INUMA666 (33)

one person escaping when 2 are left is probably a bug, ill look into it, as for v2, im still working on it

FamousBug_ (0)

game broke at the name selection... please help

INUMA666 (33)

@FamousBug_ I’ll look into the issue, can you tell me what happned

INUMA666 (33)

@FamousBug_ did you use a lowercase letter, if you replied with y instead of Y it won’t do random names, I need to edit this, I’ll do that soon

theangryepicbanana (1699)

Amazing! Some things I'd recommend:

  • Use lists instead of stuff like mot1, mot2, etc.
  • Add an option to have the original characters' names and talents.
  • I would say don't use Python, but this its too cool for that to matter.
INUMA666 (33)

@theangryepicbanana thx i define the variables then put them in a list, but i could put then straight into a list, that is a good idea, tbf i also need to shorten the script, and i would've done it in another language but python is all i know, i used to code in javascript, one day it annoyed me a bit too much and i stopped coding, idk is js is better for this tho