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Daily News - A News Website Made in Python!
IMayBeMe (484)

Daily News

Daily News is a website made by me and @IMightBeMe as a team repl. It functions similarly to something like google news and comes with a bunch of features. Some of these include:

  • Repl Auth to keep track of the for you page
  • General articles
  • For you page with articles based on your interests (The algorithm I made isn't that good and will require you to search quite a few times before giving somewhat decent predictions)
  • A search bar for keywords (Sometimes it doesn't return anything as the API may not be able to retrieve any articles)
  • Articles show up in boxes with the title as a link, as well as a picture for the article
  • Nice modern CSS front end (The sizing may look slightly off on big monitors as it was designed for a 13 inch laptop screen. I would recommend sizing down your tab if something seems off.)

One thing to note is that the API I have been using isn't the best and only allows 100 free requests a day which means that there is a good chance that it will open up a 500 server error.

The repl I have linked below is just a link to the website as I can't share a team repl. Please leave any suggestions/feedback in the comments as I would appreciate it.

IMightBeMe (33)

This is very pog tho chk it out.

IMayBeMe (484)

@IMightBeMe Thanks, I assume you like some of your work lol