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Da Game
TurtleAndrew (201)

It's a fun 2D sandbox game that is still deep in development. You can move, break objects, eat, and craft with many more things coming soon. Please enjoy and open the project so the viewing window is larger. In development and may have errors, if an error appears, please inform me preferably with a picture so I can fix it asap.

(w, a, s, d) to move
(1 - 10) to select an item
(e) to enter your inventory
(d) while in your inventory to delete items
(1 - 10) while dropping items to select witch items to delete
(z) to break blocks
(w, a, s, d) to select witch direction to break in
(c) to craft
(f) to eat
"0" is a rock
"T" is a tree
"~" is water

When you break a block you will loose 10 energy. Eating gives you back energy. While swimming you loose energy faster. While holding a pick you can break rocks. Animals are being worked on. Cows, Chickens, Pigs, and Sheep are soon to be added. More water, rocks, and trees will be added soon too along with crafting armor, and equipping armor.

Update log:

Trees, rocks, player, world, and movement: 0.01
Water and energy: 0.02
Food: 0.03
Breaking blocks and crafting: 0.04
Less lag, bug fixes, more trees rocks and water, and friendly mobs (Now): 0.05


When making a wooden pick, you will not loose wood
If you don't have required materials, you will still get item crafted
Animals won't appear
Animals have list, string, and integer mix up
Animals lists will go out of range
Armor untested
Armor not added to crafting
More to be needing fixing coming soon...

TurtleAndrew (201)

@AdCharity I was working on animals and it should work now. Animals have not been added yet but will vary soon.

TurtleAndrew (201)

@AdCharity I'm vary sorry for the inconvenience.

TurtleAndrew (201)

@JamesGregory2 There might have been an error, it works now for sure.

TurtleAndrew (201)

@TurtleAndrew so sorry for the inconvenience.

Intellorg18 (2)

kinda like minecraft