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FuriousTsunami (202)

In this platformer game, you are a water droplet trying to escape a volcano. You have hydration, which is like lives. There is lava and monsters everywhere, and you start to lose hydration by the minute. Can you escape the volcano, and win the game? Let's find out!

Read the "How to Play" section first, or else this will be totally confusing!

Also, you can change the quality to get Mario-style graphics.

This took me over two months to make, so I hope you enjoy!

Also, I never imagined I would get 100 upvotes! Thanks so much guys!

1. Sometimes, the game will be a little laggy. If you are on the high quality graphics, you should switch to the low quality graphics.
2. The camera doesn't always follow your character. If this happens, try jumping a bunch and your character will come back into view.

Copyright Ⓒ FuriousTsunami 2021

gracef101 (1)

applaud I love it, even though its taken me forever to get the hang of the game


SUPER hard. I had to use console to give myself a bunch of extra "hydration", cause couldn't even beat lv 3.

Orca20 (73)

@AIDANGREEN6 How do you add hydration to yourself? I'm stuck at level 3...


@Orca20 My secrets shall remain secrets....

XCode101 (41)

@AIDANGREEN6 Got to say it is preeeetty easy...

RexAngelo (3)

@AIDANGREEN6 goodbye my freind your wifi is mine

noway15 (97)

@RexAngelo bruh you need to stop making empty threats. If you really are a skilled programmer (a.k.a. a hacker), then prove it. Make me a good program that isn't forked. The deadline is April 24th, 2021. If you don't manage, then mark my words, you will become the laughingstock of the community, with your empty threats and such.

ch1ck3n (2351)


  player.hydration = 10
}, 10)


PyCoder01 (58)

@RexAngelo stop making empty threats nub

Orca20 (73)

@ch1ck3n hmmmmmmm so I fork it?

ch1ck3n (2351)

@Orca20 just open the console

Orca20 (73)

@ch1ck3n Idk what the console is, but I forked it, gave myself 1000000000000000000000000000000 health, and beat the game lol

FuriousTsunami (202)

@noway15 Calm down a bit. But yes @RexAngelo, you need to stop.

PyCoder01 (58)

@noway15 Not every skilled programmer is a hacker XD.

noway15 (97)

@PyCoder01 ik but mostly a hacker is just someone who is good at coding, and good enough to understand security systems. There are "good" hackers, who help people out by preaching to them about internet safety and stuff, and there are "bad" hackers, the ones whom we often think of when we hear the word "hacker". Evidently @RexAngelo is trying to pass off as one of the "bad" ones but I don't really understand why.

PyCoder01 (58)

@noway15 Wrong again, a hacker isn't a person good at coding (They could be good at coding if they're a real hacker). A hacker is a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.

noway15 (97)

@PyCoder01 I guess that's true enough. Also @KateCorey, how disrespectful. I had nothing to do with you and you're here just raging on me. Tsk tsk.

KateCorey (0)

@noway15 welcome to the internet

Whippingdot (675)

what is this convo... @noway15 I am going to report you if you don't stop hating on people brah. I said the game was hard and you said I was trashing on it, some random guy was making threats for fun and he was just joking around and you started giving him challenges and stuffs. Please use ur brain, common sense, and humor in everything before you speak. You really are making a lot of enemies.

@KateCorey I will report you. Just stop brah

@PyCoder01 bruh lul why are you debating on what a hacker is? Also don't make fun of that random dude. He was just making those threats for fun

Finally @RexAngelo please do not make threats for 'real' or 'fun' on the internet as we can ban you from this website with like two clicks lul. Please mind what you say.

Myztiq (22)

@noway15 yeah. hackers can be good at coding. but you could also be a hacker when you pay 300 or more bucks on a wifi pineapple and break into peoples servers via ip.(also yeah kate you have no reason to be rude)

DynamicSquid (5024)

Hi @KateCorey, please be respectful on Replit. I've deleted your comment.

prestondev1repl (2)

@Orca20 player.hydration = 1.84467441E19

Orca20 (73)

@prestondev1repl lol I just spammed zeroes

coolkidcoder311 (7)

@PyCoder01 That is black hat hacking. Hacking the way we you and I use it is white hat hacking

coolkidcoder311 (7)

@prestondev1repl player.hydration = 1.84467441E19 is the code for infinite health

jihhyuu202 (14)

@RexAngelo shut up you dont even have any real programs just "i Am A hAcKeR mEsS wItH mE yOuLl bE bAnNeD"

dantacowizard (0)

@noway15 r/woooooosh . Don't you guys have a sense of humor, or are you incapable of detecting a joke?

PyCoder01 (58)

@dantacowizard reddit has too much language


@PyCoder01 I don't do anything on repl for half a month, and my comment gets like 25 responses. I go on here every day, and half my comments get no response's on projects. The universe is weird.


I beat the game.YAY!

This is actually cool.
do you know where you can learn JS?

FuriousTsunami (202)

@BlackStarPY Nice! I learned basic JS using Khan Academy.

NotMrMan (119)

@FuriousTsunami I used Khan Academy, but apparently, they use Processing.JS, which actually uses Java.

It wasn't hard to switch, but I thought it was JS and it made me confused when the code didn't work (this was a while ago)

noway15 (97)

@BlackStarPY I also learn JS but from a site called w3schools, idk if you've heard about it but it offers in-depth explanations about it and such, plus they also have courses for other languages too, like Python, HTML, CSS, and a few others too.

FuriousTsunami (202)

@noway15 Yes, that is a very good website too.

FuriousTsunami (202)

@BlackStarPY If you run into errors, you can always look up your problem. That's how I learned.

noway15 (97)

@FuriousTsunami very true. I've had a few situations where I couldn't find the answer to a problem, and then it just showed up magically from the Repl Database to answer my undeserving question.

Bunnytoes (165)

how do you do level 2?

ReallyBasic (14)

Pressing '3' will make you steam. You start to rise and can get out. For more information, check the control button in top left ;)

johnnyfrancis (24)

what is admin passcode

johnnyfrancis (24)

@FrancisPan I just found that out by looking at code. You should have used something else then you could have use env

EpicGamer007 (1751)

@johnnyfrancis you cannot use .env with html/css/js, you would need a backend with node.

FuriousTsunami (202)

@EpicGamer007 That is true, although I built this with my friends in mind, who don't know programming at all.

FuriousTsunami (202)

@EpicGamer007 In the end, I just removed the password altogether lol

nameless12321 (13)

Where is the game even lol

FlipLeigion (3)

How do I change the password? AdminIsPassword

iocoder (164)

technically a water droplet would just evaporate anywhere in a volcano because its too dry and hot cool game! @FuriousTsunami


linklink (0)


EekulD (15)



OMG that's game is cool but is hard

SongYuna9 (0)

oh so creative but HARD! I am still stuck in level 1-

YuvanVighnesh (102)

New Worlds hardest Game

jihhyuu202 (14)

pressing up or down scrolls the replit page


i love it! :D

coolkidcoder311 (7)

If u want people to think ur this guy on a 2nd acount, fork games

FuriousTsunami (202)

@coolkidcoder311 Please don't take credit for making other people's games.


So cool!

DonoldJTrump (10)

bookmarklet hak:

javascript: setInterval(function () {
	player.hydration += 1000000
}, 1)
DonoldJTrump (10)

@FuriousTsunami latest and greatest:

javascript: setInterval(function () {
	player.hydration **= 1024
}, 1)

instantly gives you infinit health:

szym303 (0)

Add hydration to yourself is a legal cheat?

FuriousTsunami (202)

@szym303 Honestly, you can do whatever you want. I don't really care.

DillonGardner (4)

This is probably one of if not the best game on repl
Good job!

ellis0samuel (0)

how do i play the game?

FuriousTsunami (202)

@ellis0samuel Check out the how to play section

RexAngelo (3)

let me buy someones game for 10,000 thats the max i can go