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DOOM for the browser
JacobRogers (53)

This is Doom(1993) for the browser, made possible by an emscripten build of DOSBox at . It is free to play. If id Software finds out, you will pay.

RobertFurr (64)

You have done what I have failed to do

figglediggle (141)

rip and tear until it is done

IvanSmith1 (6)

it just says

TypeError: this.module._malloc is not a function

in the console

tankerguy1917 (178)

man this is so cool. I love DOOM. but i think theres a bug on the first level, because no enemies spawn, either that or i dont remember the first level too well.

tankerguy1917 (178)

@tankerguy1917 yep, i just forgot how to play doom. it works fine. my bad


It gave me a trojan

JacobRogers (53)

no it didnt. if it did it was xss

Dante_Morrison (6)

cool game, just how do you change the controls?

JamesGregory2 (1)

Im disappointed, all I wanted to do was play doom, but i couldnt do that. I hope you know you have hurt the feelings of a 15 year old boy.;-;

JacobRogers (53)

You can! just click the link that says "Click To Start"

michaelforPOTUS (0)

Downloading js-dos
TypeError: this.module._malloc is not a function

michaelforPOTUS (0)

what type of black magic did you use to make this

DreamLogic (0)

Also, what molecule is your profile? Really interested in Chemistry...


its fun, but too laggy